Talking Picture Book
BookBuddi Talking Picture Book, Its like having a brain machine

  • Jobs Available to sell or create books, see below form, you could become a millionare. 
  • Advertise your business inside the Free BookBuddi Books
  • Rates are £1000/page/year (setup fee £500 if I create the ad from your webpage)
  • On 1st come 1st serve basis, get 1 free picture page, if available in doc
  • You can also include a music clip in your ad
  • The books that have ads in them will  be powered by iSpeech 
  • See the sample here, (bookbuddi must 1st be installed)

You can sell my books or any other apps via the Microsoft Affiliate Program
or Preload a tablet like the Amazon Fire 7 with my books or any other apps and sell it at any price you want. 

To create an account in the Amazon store that you must sell with the tablet, you can use the tablet's serial number as part of email address using 
Give this email to the customer to use after deleting your credit card from this amazon account and tell them to change the amazon password you gave them. Mailinator has no password and can be reused anytime by the customer even though emails are deleted after a few hours.

To create books you will need a Windows10 PC with 2 monitors.