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Maths and Science < (Difficult) with talking equations
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with BookBuddi Talking Picture Books you can increase your learning speed without working harder by listening to your textbook in repeat mode, thereby increasing your retention rate and reducing fatigue (you don't have to read, just listen). the Highway Code is made easier with talking Road Signs. Only 50% pass their theory test 1st time. With speedread and repetition control, it's Like Having A Brain Machine. Use the Find Feature(see vid) to find all instances of important terms like mirror, give way, metre, speed to help you remember them. (Please Turn On Your Sound) 

Get the App free on Windows10(with ads) , Andriod Phone or £50 Amazon Fire 7 tablet, also the £40 TV stick (£2 for middle pages)






Verified Publisher (Paul B Way)

Special Offer: $10 for 2 computers, all books are free (trial bookbuddi does not expire but must be restarted every 15min and no save, downloaded key = BookBuddi43 Key.exe


BookBuddi is not for the click happy because almost everything is on 1page and it's fast, as the internet is not required after downloading.