Talking Picture Book
System requirements: (For now)Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/(x32/64) + sound card and best with WideSceen 1280 x 768.              "BookBuddi is described as a unique and handy software"
FIBERDOWNLOAD.COM:    "Efficient teaching tool. Great audio book"

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 19.9MB Jan 2013 (shareware)

 Special Offer: $10 for 2 computers  (trial bookbuddi does not expire but must be restarted every 15min and no save, downloaded key = BookBuddi43 Key.exe

    Verified Publisher (Paul B Way)


  • Use with voice to understand and learn (prevents misreading of text)(use with your background music).
  • Use without voice for a quick read and revision.
  • Non-Scrolling picture page is normally a summary of the text.
  • Quick view of book, without scrolling (use arrow buttons or F6,F5).
  • Speedread (with sound mute) to auto-scroll through all of the book.
  • To follow links/(contents) inside BookBuddi documents, wait for reader to select it (click on line above, to get there quicker) then right click anywhere on the page, and select See/(Find) on the menu.
  • To slow down the computer reader, select sentence slow/repeat/pause mode from the main menu, 2nd row: 3rd last button, 4th last button for speadread or normal modeSee Options menu where you can set the delay.
  • Click on the image to zoom (if large image, small screen).
  • Fast page turning, set skins change to keep (at bottom of options menu)
bookbuddi's weakness: not enough bookbuddi type books yet 
(books need lots of work to convert).
bookbuddi's strengths:

There is one diagram/picture per page, with made easy to follow/(speed controllable) audio text, so your eyes can study the diagram, while you listen, and don't have to read text.
BookBuddi makes it easy to access the whole book, unlike many online forms and tests.

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MSagent update for Windows 7 (Optional) Copy the contents of the MSagent folder to the MSagent folder in the Windows directory to get the character default voice Anna.

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Other languages:

 Microsoft Text-to-Speech Engines
      Mary, Mike, Sam and More (7.3MB)  

 L&H TruVoice TTS Engines
      American English (0.99MB)
      British English (2.54MB) (Built in)  
      Dutch (2.58MB)
      French (2.24MB)
      German (2.18MB)
      Italian (1.97MB)
      Japanese (3.00MB)
      Korean (3.03MB)
      Portuguese (2.39MB)
      Russian (2.85MB)
      Spanish (2.36MB)

Other agent characters can be obtained from